‘Liz had a violent husband and doesn’t want that with Dan,’ says Corrie’s Beverley Callard

Coronation Street’s Beverley Callard reveals to Soaplife what happens when Liz finds out her new man, Dan, likes to beat up women…

Liz McDonald couldn’t believe her luck when she hooked up with Dan-from-the-brewery a few weeks ago, after she’d been betrayed by Tony. Good-looking and a good laugh with a good job, he seemed too good to be true. “And that’s just what he is,’ Beverley tells Soaplife. “Liz notices there’s an atmosphere between Dan and Leanne, and she’s increasingly suspicious. But when Leanne reveals he was a client of hers when she was a prostitute and that he was violent, Liz is shocked, stunned – and angry.”

How much does Liz know about Dan (Andrew Paul) before she dates him?
“Very little. She’s just been taking him at face value and isn’t too worried about his past. Liz is definitely on the rebound after Tony. I think if she’d decided to finish things with Tony [Terence Maynard], she would have taken things much slower with Dan. But she’s trying to prove to herself and the world that she’s still an attractive woman who’s got what it takes.”

So she never thinks Dan’s dodgy?
“Not until Liz sees Dan’s reaction to Leanne and hers to him. It’s seeing them at Deirdre’s funeral that sets the alarm bells ringing. Dan and Leanne [Jane Danson] are extremely hostile towards each other.”

Does Liz ask Dan why?
“Yes, but he’s very evasive and she’s not really happy with his explanation. Then Liz hears from Sarah [Tina O’Brien] about an altercation on the street between Dan and Leanne. Liz is very suspicious by this stage and decides Leanne is the person to talk to.”

What does Leanne say?
“She reveals that Dan was one of her clients when she was prostitute, adding that he was violent. Liz can’t believe what she’s hearing. Dan definitely isn’t the man she thought he was and she’s frightened to learn he has a history of violence. Her ex husband, Jim [Charles Lawson], was violent and she doesn’t want to go there again with Dan.”

No wonder! What happens?
“Liz just sees red and immediately confronts Dan, who’s having a drink with his boss and his daughter. Liz isn’t bothered about that, though. She accuses him of beating up prostitutes and wants everyone to know the kind of man he really is. She also tells him she never wants to see him again.”

But does she mean it?
“Absolutely! She does not need a man like that that in her life, plus she feels like she’s been taken in by a bloke yet again. She’s really angry with herself. She’d do well to steer clear of men for a while but that’s always easier said than done for Liz…”

Coronation Street, ITV.

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