Lloyd fights for Cheryl!

Coronation Street‘s Craig Charles reveals how Lloyd will fight – literally – for the one he loves!

If Lloyd knows Cheryl’s married with a little boy, then why is he still so interested in her?

“He’s totally smitten. She’s beautiful but he also sees a nice woman in her. And it was obvious from the start she’s not happily married.”

How does he end up getting into a fight at the lapdancing club?

“He thinks Cheryl’s been beaten up by the owner of the club and goes to confront him. Instead he gets battered black and blue by the bouncer.”

Who tells him it was actually Cheryl’s husband Chris who beat her up?

“Cheryl herself… when she calls for help. She and her son Russ are running from Chris. Lloyd bundles them into his cab just as Chris arrives… Lloyd reverses and shoots up the kerb in a cloud of smoke as Chris chases after the car. It’s like something from a Hollywood movie.”

Is Lloyd scared of Chris?

“No but he should be because he’s like The Terminator. He’s massive and Lloyd’s going to find out he never gives up.”

Where does Lloyd take Cheryl?

“Back to the Street. He offers her and Russ his spare room.”

How does Chris find them?

“He’s got the phone number for Streetcars off Lloyd’s cab and turns up at the cab office looking for them. Lloyd warns Chris off but he’s full of apologies and Cheryl agrees to talk with him.”

Does she go back to Chris?

“Not at this point. She asks Lloyd if she can stay with him a while longer as she needs space to think.”

Will Chris give up if Cheryl refuses to go back to him?

“No way. He’s going to get a job and move to Weatherfield, which is going to be good fun for me but not for Lloyd!”

Sounds like Lloyd isn’t going to give up on Cheryl either then…

“He sees Cheryl as somebody he could settle down with… he wouldn’t be getting involved like this if he didn’t.”

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