Lloyd’s heading for heartbreak – again, warns Coronation Street’s Craig Charles

Coronation Street’s Craig Charles reveals to Soaplife that alarm bells ring for loved-up Lloyd when Andrea (Hayley Tamaddon) won’t move in with him…

Does Lloyd think Andrea is ‘The One’?
“Yes, he really thinks Andrea is the one that might bring him true happiness and he’s really excited – until she doesn’t give him a firm commitment to move in.”

What does she say?
“That she needs to consult her daughter. He believes her and is looking forward to meeting Andrea’s daughter himself.”

And then she does agree to move in…
“And Lloyd’s over the moon! He can’t see her reluctance or her inner turmoil. In front of Lloyd, Andrea’s all happy and positive – it’s only when she turns away the viewers see her anguish.”

Does he ever suspect she’s hiding something?
“No, but I think there’s still a slight feeling of unease. He’s still not been to her place, she’s not invited him to stay the night… It makes him a bit apprehensive, but he just can’t put his finger on why.”

What if he found out she has a husband?
“He’d be broken-hearted again. Lloyd feels that if it this doesn’t work out with Andrea, then he’s going to forget women and just be a single man. Either that or he’ll end up marrying Eileen!”

And what if Andrea swore it was over between her and her husband?
“All relationships are based on trust and if Lloyd were to find out she’d been lying, all trust would be gone. Lloyd would really struggle to get over that and I don’t know if he’d be able to forgive her.”

Why is he always so unlucky in love?
“Maybe because he’s such a nice guy, who sees the good in everything and everyone. He thinks everyone is like him, but they’re not…”

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