Lucy Fallon: Craig discovers Bethany has a horrifying lap dancing secret!

The fallout from Bethany Platt’s abuse continues, reveals Coronation St actress Lucy Fallon, when Craig discovers her twisted idea on how to take back control…

Corrie actress Lucy Fallon has spoken to Soaplife about Bethany Platt’s shocking secret life as a lap dancer in the wake of  her abuse ordeal – and what happens when boyfriend Craig finds out…

What’s the story?

Bethany Platt’s ordeal at the hands of Nathan Curtis and his dodgy mates was always going to have repercussions – and, sure enough, that’s just what’s happened because she’s secretly started working as a lap dancer.

“In Bethany’s mind, she’s laughing at all of the men,” actress Lucy Fallon tells Soaplife. “She’s taking back control of her body and over the way men look at her and approach her. When she’s giving them a lap dance, they can’t touch her and she takes their money,”

But what happens when love-struck boyfriend and trainee policeman Craig Tinker discovers her secret?

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Lucy Fallon’s interview with Soaplife

Soaplife: Has all this come from what happened to her with Nathan?

Lucy Fallon: “Yes. It’s not a case of Nathan has gone to prison so now everything is fine. The effects of what happened to her have forced her to go down this path where she is now a lap-dancer.”

S: Tell us what happens when Craig turns up at the lap-dancing club.

LF: “One of the dancers has a tiff with one of the punters, so the police are called. Bethany’s about to come out to do her dance on the stage, but she runs back in the back when she sees Craig. But because Bethany was there when the tiff happened, she has to talk to the police, so she has to come out…”

S: What are Bethany’s first thoughts when Craig sees her?

LF: “She’s mortified Craig has now found out what she does – and Craig is equally mortified to find out what she’s doing.”

S: Bethany is quite straight with him. Is this her taking control again?

LF: “She basically says, ‘This is my job and, if you can’t handle it, you know where to go!’ Bethany isn’t going to let anybody say she can’t do it. If she allows Craig say she shouldn’t do it and she stops, it will be as if she’s letting Craig take control of the situation. Bethany feels really in control here.”

S: What would Bethany’s family say if they found out about what she is doing?

LF: “They’d be horrified, shocked and angry, especially her mum, Sarah. It would be hard for everyone to understand why she’d want to do that after everything that’s happened. She isn’t really bothered about them finding out. It’s more to do with the aggravation she knows she’ll get. She feels confident in what she is doing and she doesn’t want them to try stop her.”

S: Why does Bethany arrange for one of her fellow lap-dancers to go to the Rovers and come on to Gary Windass?

LF: “She thinks her mum’s going to get back with him, so she comes up with the idea of getting her mate to go there and be all over Gary. Bethany wants Sarah to think that Gary has moved on. She wants him out of their lives.”

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