Lucy Fallon on her life in and out of Corrie: ‘I got called nasty things at school, but it didn’t bother me’

She's playing the teenage victim of bullying in Corrie, so we asked actress Lucy Fallon about how life was for her at that age

Lucy Fallon chats to Soaplife about playing Bethany Platt on Corrie, school bullies, moving home – and her dream boyfriend…

It’s coming up to two years since you joined Corrie, Lucy. How has life changed?
“It has changed – but not that dramatically. I moved to Manchester for a while, but then I moved back home again to my mum and dad’s house in Blackpool.”

Do fans recognise you a lot when you’re out and about?
“I do get recognised and I still find it weird when people come up to me! But obviously it’s amazing being on Corrie and working on one of the biggest shows on TV.”

Do you prefer life in Blackpool to Manchester?
“Yes. It’s where all my friends and family are, and it’s nice to be back there with everyone.”

Are you very close to your family?
“I am. My sister has two little boys and I love being an auntie, but I’m very close to my aunties, uncles and cousins, too.”

It’s been a big year for you at Corrie, including the bullying storyline. Were you ever bullied at school?
“No, but when I was at high school I was in quite a big group of girls and I know they can be really horrible about each other. I got called nasty things, but I don’t really let things like that bother me. It was never the kind of bullying Bethany was subjected to.”

We hear you’ve become an ambassador for the anti-bullying campaign, BulliesOut?
“I had quite a lot of tweets from girls around the same age as Bethany saying the storyline helped them to talk to an adult about it. That’s one of the reasons why I was so motivated to work with BulliesOut.”

How do you look back at your time as a 16-year-old?
“Sometimes it was hard when it came to going out. Some girls were allowed to wear lots of make-up and stuff, but my mum wouldn’t let me. I remember going to an underage nightclub thing. Mum never usually allowed me to go, but she did this once.”

Were you allowed to pick your own clothes?
“No! She actually gave me the clothes I was allowed to wear. But when we got there, my friend gave me a spare tutu that she’d shoved in her bag and some leg warmers!”

Do the older Corrie cast give you much advice or do they let you get on with it?
“They gave me loads of advice at first, but now I feel like I’ve settled into it and they’ll give me advice if I need it. I’m very happy and settled here.”

If you could choose a dream screen boyfriend, who would it be?
“Someone like Chuck from Gossip Girl would be quite nice. Yes, actor Ed Westwick. I’d like him because he’s just lovely.”