Lucy-Jo ‘grateful’ to the Street

Actress Lucy-Jo Hudson has spoken about her time on Coronation Street, and why she believes she owes the soap a debt of thanks.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, she said: “I shall always be enormously grateful to Coronation Street. It’s what made me and it’s what got me the role in Wild At Heart.”

She went on to reveal how Ann Harrison-Baxter, who produced the drama’s first series, said that while casting the part of Rosie, she woke up one morning and thought of the soap’s ‘Killer Katy’.

Lucy-Jo added that, although the storyline which prompted the nickname was difficult, it opened doors for her.

The star spoke about how hard it was to leave the traumas of her on-screen alter ego at the set.

She said working on the gruelling plotline for 12 hours a day, for 12 weeks at a time, left her emotionally exhausted.

The actress joined the cast of Coronation Street in 2002, and during her three-year stint was involved in one of the most explosive storylines ever to hit the screen.

The diabetic teenager famously bumped off her father Tommy by beating him to death with a wrench.

Her mother Angela took the blame and was sentenced to prison, a move which left Katy overwhelmed with guilt.

The devastated lass then took her own life by refusing to take her Insulin and overdosing on sugar.