‘Luke’s tipsy and up for it with Carla – at least at first,’ says Corrie’s Dean Fagan

Coronation Street’s Dean Fagan reveals to Soaplife that Luke is more than happy to go back to Carla’s after some flirting in the Rovers. But once there, things don’t go to plan…

How do Luke and Carla get chatting in the Rovers?
“Luke’s not shy around the women, so he goes up to her and asks if he can buy her a drink. He’s fancied her since he first saw her. It’s a turning point for Carla as well because she decides to forget about everything else and roll with it and she says yes to the drink.”

Is Luke just in it for the thrill, or does he really want to get to know her?
“It all turns out to be far more complex than Luke imagined. He obviously knows Carla’s having a hard time, but until he gets chatting to her, he has no idea just how fragile she is. She reminds him a bit of his little sister, Steph – tough on the outside but vulnerable inside. It makes Luke feel protective.”

Then he goes back to her place…
“It’s really awkward when she invites Luke back, actually. Peter’s in the pub when Carla asks him and Luke feels weird. He’s a bit tipsy, though, so he is up for it, plus she’s a strong-minded woman who won’t take no for an answer! Once it’s just the two of them in her flat he feels a bit more at ease – at least at first.”

“They have more drinks and laugh about Carla’s CD collection, but Carla keeps talking about Peter, even though Luke tries to take her mind off her ex. Then she tries to kiss him…”

And he says, ‘Thanks but no thanks’?
“It’s not like that. He almost admires her bravery for doing it more than anything – he appreciates her spontaneity. Luke realises he’s out of his depth. It’s clear where Carla’s head is and it doesn’t feel right for him to stay. He also realises Carla’s trying to get one up on Peter. There’s just too much baggage for him.”

Is he also worried about Peter finding out?
“Luke’s furious with Peter. It angers him when he sees men cheating on their wives and girlfriends, and detests the fact that Peter has been so deceitful to both Tina and Carla. I think Luke almost wants Peter to say something to him just so he can have a go back.”

How are things between Carla and Luke the next day?
“Carla’s humiliated and embarrassed, but Luke doesn’t dwell on it. There’s a romance on the cards for him in the near future.”