Marc Baylis hopes he’ll be remembered as a classic Corrie villain (VIDEO)

Coronation Street star Marc Baylis hopes he’ll be remembered as a classic Corrie villain even though he’s tried to elicit sympathy for murderer Rob Donovan.

Marc exits Coronation Street in a fortnight, but not before he’s involved in a wedding day drama in which sister Carla exposes him as Tina’s killer!

What’s on TV asked Marc if he’d like to be remembered as a Corrie villain: “I would never say those words myself, but I would hope so!” he responded.

“But we’ve been trying to put a different edge on this and I’ve been trying to steer it away from being as panto as possible and tried to make it as real as possible. That is what I class to be my job on the show and hopefully with everyone having sympathy towards Rob through the whole thing of Peter actually confessing to Carla while he’s killing Tina, it was a pointless thing to have happen. So we are getting audience members going ‘I feel sorry for Rob’.”

Marc continued: “We’ve been trying to work with that and play with that as much as we possibly can and make it as three-dimensional as possible, really.”

Marc says he’s been incredibly lucky the way his character developed in two-and-a-half years on Coronation Street.

“If someone had said to me when I first started that Rob would become the murderer of Tina, I wouldn’t have fathomed it!”

Watch the interview with Coronation Street’s Marc Baylis, above.


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