Coronation Street star Marc Baylis says he’s proud that Rob Donovan and Tracy Barlow are being dubbed the Bonnie and Clyde of the cobbles.

The 37-year-old soap star’s character Rob has just been unveiled as Tina McIntyre’s murderer, the latest in a long line of dastardly deeds he and fiancee Tracy (Kate Ford) have been involved in.

Marc said of the comparison: “I think that’s where we’re at, absolutely. It’s something we’ve discussed in the work place so if that’s coming across, great. We love working together.”

And the actor leapt to Tracy’s defence when asked what Rob sees in her, revealing he and actress Kate have ‘an absolute riot’ on set, and that he often struggles to keep a straight face when she has such fantastic one-liners.

Marc said: “Tracy’s very gobby but he [Rob] just tells her to shut up, he takes her with a pinch of salt and she does actually amuse him. She’s not as cold-hearted as everyone thinks. She’s got a very loving side with him and it is a genuine relationship.”

But he admits Tina’s death could have a negative effect on their relationship.

“This is the beginning of massive new chapter for Rob,” the actor revealed. “There’s the psychological effect, as he didn’t plan for this to happen. It’s not just, ‘He’s a killer’, we see how he deals with it and there are a lot of twists.”

Coronation Street continues on ITV on Sunday, June 1, before returning to the usual schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights.


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