Margi Clarke has revealed how Coronation Street producers gave her a ‘second chance’ and let her return to the role of Jackie Dobbs.

The Liverpudlian actress, who plays Tyrone Dobbs’ mum in the soap, told Digital Spy website she thought she had missed out at first.

“I heard that Coronation Street was going to recast Jackie Dobbs,” she said. “Somebody spoke up for me at a meeting with the writers and producers and said ‘Margi’s in a great place right now, she looks fantastic, she’s healthy, very positive, and would love to make up for her shortcomings last time’.

“So the producers said they wanted to give me another chance. When I got the phone call, I was crying tears of joy out of my living room window. It was nine years ago since I last walked the cobbles, so I’ve been lost at sea for that long.

“It was like finding my way back to the land of milk and honey. I couldn’t believe it. I’m delighted to be back, though.”

Margi went on to explain why she left the show earlier in her career, and admitted: “I didn’t treat it as the golden opportunity that it was. I lost my mum and basically, I lost the plot.

“[Coronation Street is] one of Britain’s top soaps and to be called to play on that stage, it’s on a par with being asked to play for England and you should really honour it, have the commitment and give it everything you’ve got.

“I’m 54 now, and I’m never going to look a gift horse in the mouth again.”