Coronation Street Samia Smith reveals Maria’s horror and heartbreak when she discovers the truth… Tony DID kill Liam!

What’s the first hint that Maria’s world is about to come crashing down?
“The police take Tony in for questioning but Maria’s relaxing on a health spa day and the first she hears of it is when Fiz comes round later to tell her.”

Where’s Tony… still at the police station?
“He’s right there. He’s been released on bail and hasn’t even mentioned the arrest to Maria. He has to admit the Croppers reported him for confessing to Liam’s murder but tries to bluff his way out of it.”

Does he manage to fool Maria?
“She’s unnerved and goes to the cafe to speak with Roy and Hayley. Hayley says Roy’s out bat-watching then tells Maria about Tony’s confession and how he threatened her and Roy. Maria’s horrified. She can’t believe the man she’s fallen in love with is a killer.”

In fact Tony’s about to kill again…
“Hayley and Maria don’t know but Tony’s at the cafe too. He’s hiding and hears every word… He knows Roy’s at the canal and goes to find him armed with a knife.”

Does he kill Roy?
“He obviously intends to but Roy fights back and ends up falling into the canal. He’s drowning when something clicks in Tony… He pulls Roy to safety at the last minute and actually saves his life.”

Maria then finds out Tony’s under arrest… How?
“A detective tells Maria that Tony walked in and confessed to murder… how he paid Jimmy to run over Liam out of jealousy and revenge.”

Does she want to see Tony?
“She has to face him. He tells her his feelings for her were genuine and he’s tried to make amends for his evil. She tells him she’d like him to hang and leaves.”

Liam’s parents turn up when they find out. Are they supportive of Maria?
“Not at first. Helen accuses Maria of sleeping with Tony to get revenge on Carla and Liam for their affair. Maria’s distraught and goes to Liam’s grave. Helen finds her there and Maria breaks down, saying she’s not fit to be baby Liam’s mum. Helen comforts her and asks her to go back to Ireland with her and Barry.”

Before she goes we hear there’s another shock…
“Carla turns up on her doorstep out of the blue. Maria tells her how Tony had Liam killed and Carla feigns total ignorance. Maria believes her…”

What’s in store for Maria after your maternity leave?
“Hopefully Tony will be gone and she’ll be able to make a fresh start – just her and her son.”

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