‘Maria doesn’t deserve all this heartache!’

Coronation Street star Samia Smith’s desperate for Maria to get a man and Liam’s the one she wants!

Maria and Liam have been flirting for weeks… Why don’t they just get on with it?

“Maria usually throws herself into relationships head first and she’s always had her heart broken. This time, she wants to play it cool and make sure that Liam is really keen before she jumps into bed with him.”

Has it got anything to do with Leanne being his ex?

“No. Maria accepts that things are well and truly over between Liam and Leanne. She hates Leanne.”

Is she playing it too cool by pretending she doesn’t fancy Liam?

“I don’t think she wants people to interfere. Maria doesn’t want this new relationship to begin under public scrutiny.”

So is Liam going to ask Maria out?

“I hope so. They hit it off in the pub and there’s lots of flirting. She accepts his offer of a drink – much to Fiz and John’s amusement as she had just protested to them that she didn’t fancy him. He’s got to ask her out eventually…”

How does she want this to go?

“I think she wants to be wooed. You know, taken for dinner, bought flowers… that sort of thing. She wants to make Liam work for her affections. It’s a tack she hasn’t tried before and it might just do the trick.”

What does she see in Liam?

“He’s good-looking, intelligent, successful… everything a girl could want really. He’s the best catch in Weatherfield.”

Does she see any Charlie in him?

“He does have Charlie’s presence and charisma but that’s where the similarity ends. Liam has got that caring side that Maria was attracted to in Tyrone. I think he’s everything she wants all rolled into one guy.”

Will things work out between them?

“I hope so. It’s about time. The scriptwriters have been really mean to Maria! She is a bit naive but I don’t think she deserves the heartbreak she’s had. She’s been engaged three times now and she’s still not married!”

What could go wrong?

“Anything knowing Maria. There will be a lot of jealousy if she starts dating Liam and I predict fun and games!”

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