Mary Cole takes drastic action believing Angie Appleton is an alcoholic who’s putting her baby in danger, Corrie’s Patti Clare tells Soaplife

Mary Cole is convinced her daughter-in-law has a big alcohol problem and isn’t fit to look after baby George…and definitely shouldn’t drive. So Mary calls the police, Pattie Clare tells Soaplife

What’s the story?

When Mary spots a leaflet about alcoholism – which just happens to have fallen out of Angie’s bag – she’s absolutely convinced Angie is an alcoholic. “Mary puts two and two together, comes up with seven and, with the very best of intentions, it’s her aim to make Angie aware she has a problem,” Patti Clare told Soaplife. “In Mary’s world, this means getting someone else with a drink problem to share their experiences, so she decides to host a dinner party at which recovering alcoholic Peter Barlow is one of the guests.” It’s a heavy-handed approach (and confirms nothing), but it seems positively featherlight when Mary’s next move is to report Angie to the police!

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Patti Clare reveals all to Soaplife

Soaplife: How would you describe Mary and Angie’s relationship?

Patti Clare: “It’s very, very tentative and they’re very much on their guard with each other. Plus, of course, there’s jealousy and fighting for the attention of Jude and baby George. They don’t truly know each other yet.”

S: So why does Mary report Angie to the police?

PC: “It’s a few days after the disastrous dinner party. Angie is having lunch in the Bistro with Toyah, and Jude’s asked Mary to babysit George. But while he’s in Mary’s care, the boy clearly becomes very unwell and, having asked Dev’s advice, Mary feels she has no option but to go over to the Bistro and tell Angie what’s happening. Angie says she’ll drive George to A&E. Mary’s horrified by the suggestion – she can’t bring herself to allow that when Angie’s been drinking! She absolutely panics and she thinks her grandson is in danger because Angie is over the limit.”

S: Are you enjoying having a family for Mary in Weatherfield?

PC: “It’s wonderful. The interesting thing is that it’s not all happy endings. It’s a very bumpy ride as they all try to get to know each other very gradually. That happy-ever-after is often a fairy tale…”

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