‘Max goes missing and Callum taunts David,’ reveals Corrie’s Jack P Shepherd

Jack P Shepherd tells Soaplife that David squares up to Callum when young Max disappears… Then Callum hits him with a devastating blow! 

It’s been a nightmare few weeks for David Platt. He thinks his estranged wife, Kylie, is shacked up with her drug-pushing ex, Callum… And, this fortnight, Max goes missing! “Max is with Michael when it happens. Michael turns his back for a second and Max simply disappears,” Jack tells Soaplife. David’s worried sick, but he assumes Max has gone to the Red Rec. When he and Nick (Ben Price) can’t find him there, though, David begins to suspect Callum is involved. 

Is it Callum who has Max?

“Yes. The Platts have just called the police about Max going missing when Callum [Sean Ward] calmly turns up on the Street with him.”

How does David react?

“He’s relieved Max is OK. But, for the first time, he suspects Callum is going to really use Max as a pawn in his game. Max is excited, while Callum stares menacingly at David, making taunts about Max having had a nice time with him. Callum then tells David to meet him in the Rovers.”

What happens when they meet? 

“Callum warns David off because David reported him to the police. Then Callum lays his cards on the table about him and Kylie [Paula Lane] and says, ‘This is as much as I know about Kylie – basically nothing – so stop bothering me and leave me alone!” 

How does David react? 

“He’s stunned. Callum said he and Kylie were together and now David learns that was a lie… David vows to find Kylie, to which Callum replies, ‘Not if I find her first!’. So it becomes a race between them to find her.”

Would David take Kylie back?

“At this stage, he isn’t thinking about the relationship. Kylie needs to see her kids and they need to see her. He’s also concerned for her as there are drugs involved.” 

Would David fight Callum for Max?

“David would go the whole hog and fight for Max in the courts. David sees Max as his son and Callum is a drug dealer. For David, it’s a no-brainer. He doesn’t want Callum involved in Max’s life and he knows Kylie wouldn’t want it, either.”  

Whose side will viewers be on?

“David’s! And it’s interesting to have the sympathy going in David’s favour for a change. Callum’s an excellent baddie and, for once, David might have people rooting for him.”

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