New Coronation Street star Matthew Crompton reckons he could be on to a winner with new character Dan.

You play Dan Mason… Who is he?

“Dan and his dad Harry are the new owners of the bookies. Dan’s in his early 30s and has been in Ibiza running a bar, but he made a mess of it… He’s the kind who tends to mess things up!”

Is he a good guy or a bad guy?

“Dan and Harry are both very streetwise, but they aren’t exactly gangsters. They’re a pair of Jack the Lads in every sense of the word.”

Is Dan footloose and fancy-free?

“Yes and happy that way! His dad’s on his third divorce and I think it’s put Dan off commitment.”

It hasn’t put him off women though…

“Not a bit! He loves flirting and tries to get stuck in right away with Michelle. Of course he doesn’t know she’s with Steve, but I doubt it would matter if he did. He works hard, enjoys sinking

a few beers in the evening and likes to pull.”

Des Barnes, Corrie’s most famous

bookie, was a womaniser. Will Dan

put Des in the shade?

“He’ll certainly give him a run for his money. I’d say Dan’s cut from the same cloth as Des.”

Does Dan get on with his dad?

“They’re more like mates than father and son.”

What have we seen you in before


“I played PC Sam Harker in The Bill about five years ago. I also played a character called Dan Morrissey in Brookside who was a bit of a thug. I’m really thrilled to be in Corrie.”

How do you get on with former Bad Girls

actor Jack Ellis, who plays Harry?

“Really well. Jack’s a very warm, generous man who has loads of good advice. It was obvious from the auditions we work well together.”

Who’s your favourite Coronation

Street character?

“I love Blanche Hunt. Maggie Jones, who plays her, has great timing. Being a big Red Dwarf fan

I also like Craig Charles, who plays Lloyd, and Simon Gregson’s a comic genius.”

How long will you be

around for?

“All being well I should be in the Street for three years at least!

I plan to move to Manchester from Kent. I’m a northern lad anyway – half my family are scousers and the other half

are from St Helens.”