Melanie Hill talks filling Hayley’s shoes in Coronation Street

Coronation Street’s newest star Melanie Hill has admitted it is a tough call to be the first woman in Roy Cropper’s life since his wife Hayley died.

Roy (David Neilson) supported Hayley (Julie Hesmondhalgh) as she ended her own life in January last year when she was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, and Melanie is due to step onto the cobbles as Cathy, a new friend he makes at the allotments.

Melanie said of Hayley: “She was so well loved and the fans felt it so much, which is why I’m gradually introduced, and as a friend.

Coronation Street

Roy (David Neilson) and Cathy (Melanie Hill) become friends at the allotment (ITV)


“I think there’s going to be a few problems being accepted by people [on the Street, too.] I’ve had a few names mentioned where there will be barneys.”

Cathy is also a widow and Melanie said: “They’re just trying to cope with the loss, so that’s the common ground when they come together.”

On any possible romance, she added: “Who knows, they’re both single but it depends on a lot of things. Cathy’s very shy herself and it’s an interesting character, because there’s more to her than meets the eye. You think you’ve got her down, but then she doesn’t want Roy to go back to her house and see where she lives – that’s going to become interesting.”

Melanie Hill

Melanie Hill (Jonathan Brady/PA)


She added that it was a pleasure to work with David: “He’s wonderful to work with. That’s the first thing people said to me when I got in the building, ‘Oh my God, you’ll love David’ – and that’s without exception. He is adorable and nothing like Roy.”

Melanie is due to make her debut on Coronation Street on April 20.


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