The storylines on soap live episodes are so well protected that Michael Le Vell has revealed he lost £200 betting on Rita Tanner dying in Corrie’s 50th anniversary live episode.

Rita survived but Ashley Peacock and Molly Dobbs perished in the tram crash.

But Michael told What’s on TV that screen daughter Brooke Vincent (Sophie Webster) convinced him that Rita was going to die in the tram crash, so he rang a bookmaker friend and put £200 on it.

Michael laughed: “I told someone else and someone else… So much for inside information. I don’t even gamble! [Pointing to Brooke] You owe me two hundred quid by the way!”

The nerves and excitement are building for the Corrie cast.

Michael said: “We are very nervous and very excited because the simple fact is there’s going to be a lot more words involved in this one, not necessarily for us, because there’s no big tram crash filling in all that air space, big pages of just action and firemen and all that. This is going to be character driven and storyline  driven so it means a lot of characters will have a lot more words to say, so that’s the nervy bit… Hping we won’t have any big monologues or tongue twisters!”

Coronation Street goes live on ITV on Wednesday, September 23. Watch the interview with Michael Le Vell and Brooke Vincent, above.