Kevin gets rid of Molly and Coronation Street‘s Michael Le Vell tells Soaplife that he could yet get his baby son…

He’s his best pal yet Kevin’s almost doing cartwheels when Tyrone announces he’s leaving the garage. In fact, he’s so desperate to see the back of Molly that he offers Ty way over the odds for his share in the garage. Will Sally smell a rat?
“Sally’s furious. But Kevin just wants to make sure Molly and Tyrone go.”

On a 10-point scale, how desperate is Kevin for Molly to leave the Street?
“He’s on 10/10. He’s desperate for them to go before the baby is born so it can be a case of ‘out of sight out of mind’ for him. Of course, he has to buy Tyrone out of the garage before that can happen.”

Is that why he pays over the odds?
“Partly… But he’s also sad to be losing Tyrone. He’s going to miss him… But I suppose he should have thought of that before he slept with his wife.”

Sally’s not best pleased he’s throwing their money around. How does he explain it?
“Sally thinks his offer should have been lower because Kev gave Tyrone his share of the garage for nothing. But Kevin explains Tyrone’s put a lot of years into the business.”

Does Kevin feel it’s worth it to get rid of the couple?
“Definitely. It would hurt him to see Molly pushing his baby round the Street every day.”

We’re guessing the baby is his. Are we right?
“He can’t be 100 per cent sure, but he knows there’s a high chance.”

Would he want to know for sure?
“Yes. The not knowing would be hard. If it were his baby he’d be for ever popping down on the pretext of visiting Tyrone to see his son. There’d have to be a paternity test though. You couldn’t tell by looking who the father of this short, hairy kid was!”

Can Kevin really let Molly – and probably the son he’s never had – leave his life?
“He feels he has no choice. If Sally hadn’t had cancer he might be with Molly now, but there’s no way back with her. And if Sally finds out about the baby she’ll leave him and he’ll be on his own.”

We’ve heard Molly is going to die… And Kevin will take the baby. Is that going to happen?
“All I know is there’s going to be a lot of high emotion and drama. I can’t see the baby disappearing to another town… Otherwise what would have been the point of the story?”