Michael Le Vell: ‘Kevin sleeps with Sally!’

Coronation Street‘s Michael Le Vell reveals to Soaplife how the return of his dad and Molly’s angry Auntie Pam push Sally and Kevin closer than they’ve been in ages!

What’s the current situation between Kevin and Sally?

“They’ve been living together ever since the accident at the garage. He wants to be back with Sally and he’s trying to be patient in the hope that eventually she’ll forgive him.”

What makes him want to officially change Jack’s name?

“He’s thinking of taking a holiday and finds out he will have to apply for parental responsibility in order to get Jack a passport in the Webster name.”

What about Tyrone’s feelings?

“Kevin realises it could bring back all the bad feeling between them.”

Then his dad Bill and Molly’s Auntie Pam return and announce they’re engaged…

“Yes and Kevin knows Pam isn’t his greatest fan, but he’s pleased to see his dad.”

Pam’s appalled Kevin wants to change Jack’s name and stirs things with Sally. Why?

“Pam’s view is that Molly christened Jack as Dobbs so he should stay as he is. She’s never liked Kevin so she jumps straight to Tyrone’s defence. She claims that while Tyrone’s had his life ruined, Kevin’s life seems to have reverted to normal. She storms round to the Websters’ and has a go at Sally for taking Kevin back. Sally tells him he has to move out and he’s gutted.”

But all the fighting leads to Bill having a heart attack!

“Pam bans Kevin from the wedding, so he bans Pam from seeing Jack. It’s getting really heated when Bill suddenly clutches his chest and falls to the floor. Kevin’s horrified and terrified his dad might die.”

Does it bring him and Sally closer again?

“Sally comes to the hospital and Kevin’s relieved she’s there for him. When they get back to the house he’s prepared to collect his bags and go, but Sally suggests he stays another night and leave tomorrow. They get talking over a bottle of wine and Kevin opens up, thanking her for being so fantastic and admitting how scared he was when he thought he might lose his dad.”

Then they kiss. Is it spontaneous or engineered?

“It’s definitely spontaneous. In fact it’s Sally who puts a hand on his cheek first so I’d say it comes from them both.”

And they end up in bed! Does Kevin think that now they can carry on with their marriage?

“Yeah he’s over the moon! It’s all he’s wanted for months and he thinks this is it. The next day he tells Sophie and Bill that they’re back together, but it soon becomes clear that Sally isn’t as sure. He quickly realises that he’s going to have his work cut out convincing her that they should be back together.”

What if he can’t?

“Whatever happens Kevin won’t give up. He knows what he wants and for him it’s just a case of waiting for Sally to come round to his way of thinking!”

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