‘Michael’s sick with worry for Eileen!’ reveals Coronation Street’s Les Dennis

When Michael tries to warn Phelan away from Eileen, he ends up in hospital. And things go from bad to much worse when he thinks Eileen is cheating on him. Coronation Street’s Les Dennis tells all to Soaplife

How sure is Michael that Pat Phelan (Connor McIntyre) is bad news for Eileen and Jason?
“Michael’s been in prison and has gut feelings when it comes to spotting a wrong ’un. He’s been watching Phelan and feels he’s bad through and through. But Eileen [Sue Cleaver] and Jason [Ryan Thomas] don’t understand what he’s on about. They both like Phelan.”

What makes Michael confront Phelan?
“Andy [Oliver Farnworth] overhears Phelan on the phone trying to sell some of Jason’s tools and he tells Michael. He finds Phelan on his own at the yard and challenges him about the tools and his interest in Eileen. But Phelan laughs in his face.”

Is it Phelan’s fault that Michael ends up in hospital?
“As Michael goes to leave the yard, he collapses with chest pains and falls down the stairs. Phelan doesn’t help him and it’s only when Jason arrives that an ambulance is called.”

How does Michael feel when he comes round in hospital to see Phelan there?
“He’s not happy. Eileen’s there and Michael tells her about Phelan stealing Jason’s tools. But Phelan is crafty and has an answer ready.”

What’s it like for Michael when Eileen won’t believe Phelan is no good?
“Phelan is so devious and plausible that it’s not surprising Eileen can’t see it. Lying there in his hospital bed, Michael feels helpless.”

But he doesn’t stop trying to convince Eileen, does he?
“No. When Michael’s back home, he decides to spy on Phelan. He hears Phelan is giving Eileen a lift to the bank and he hides in the back of the van to find out what’s going on… and Eileen catches him there.”

How does she react?
“She’s very cross. And then when Michael thinks he’s caught Eileen and Phelan in the act, he takes a swing at Phelan with his crutch.. and Eileen tells Michael it’s over.”

Has Michael still got any feelings for Gail (Helen Worth)?
“He goes to her in times of need and, weirdly, Gail loves him so much she’s giving him relationship advice. Maybe she’s playing the long game…”

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