Michelle and Chris on their Corrie romance

Coronation Street stars Michelle Keegan and Chris Fountain talk to TV Times magazine about Tina and Tommy’s will they/won’t they relationship…

Tommy and Tina seem like the perfect pair, so why is it taking so long for them to get together?

“Tina is not giving it to him on a plate and he’s kind of enjoying it. They’ve tried a few dates, but it’s all gone wrong. However, he is getting to a point where he’s thinking, ‘Hang on, is she actually interested or what?'”

Michelle: “As far as Tina is concerned, Tommy blew it when he arranged to go out with her AND Amber. Now, she is trying to be friends with him.”

Dr Carter isn’t helping matters is he?

“No. Tommy feels like he’s stolen Tina from under his nose and he’s not happy about it. When he’s cooking her a surprise meal, he’s chatting her up in The Rovers. When Matt’s around, Tommy is dead rude to him.”

Michelle: “Tina is attracted to Matt, but it is a bit of a Bridget Jones situation. He’s older than her and eats in lavish restaurants where she feels out of place. She doesn’t know that Tommy cooked her a meal. If she knew he’d gone through all that effort, she’d be impressed.”

Will they ever get together?

“I don’t know. Tommy will always have a keen interest in Tina, but he might have to lay off a bit while she is with Dr Carter. I think it’s going to be a slow burner.”

Tina: “There is potential for them to be a couple and I like the fact they didn’t just jump straight into it. It’s much more interesting to have a ‘Will they, won’t they?’ element. Tina likes Dr Carter, but I think she is more suited to Tommy.”

Isn’t it going to be tough with them both living under the same roof?

“Not for Tommy. He’s a bit of a free spirit and just does what he wants. However, he will continue to keep the brownie points up with Tina.”

Michelle: “It’s good because it means Tina can keep an eye on Tommy. She won’t be impressed if he brings too many girls back. I don’t think the fact that he is a womaniser would put her off though – she’d try and tame him.”

What about your own love lives – any weddings on the horizon?

Chris: (currently dates dancer Jessica Derrick) “Not quite yet. We just take it as it goes at the minute.”

Michelle (engaged to pop star Max George of The Wanted) “I haven’t got a wedding date or even thought about what I am going to do on the big day. I’m just enjoying being engaged.”