Coronation Street star Michelle Collins has revealed viewers have been urging her character Stella Price to leave boyfriend Karl Munro.

Rovers landlady Stella is about to discover ladies’ man Karl has been cheating on her with barmaid Sunita Alahan and Michelle told the Coronation Street website how viewers have definitely taken Stella’s side over the affair.

“They hate it! They keep telling me to ‘get rid of him’!” she revealed.

Michelle added: “I think she is making the right decision, Karl is a loser who is only going to hurt her again if she gives him the chance to. A leopard never changes his spots!”

The soap star revealed this is not the first time Karl has cheated, but Stella feels even more betrayed as she thought Sunita was her friend. She feels humiliated and she and Sunita have a very public catfight.

Michelle said: “She probably feels more betrayed by Sunita, as she took her for a friend and has done so much to help her recently. She feels betrayed by both of them, but I think she expected more from Sunita.

“It has happened before with a few other barmaids. Stella has forgiven him in the past and learnt to trust him again, but this time it’s different. She hates him for what he has done to her.”

And Michelle doesn’t think Stella will be in any hurry to find a new man.

She said: “I think she should concentrate on having some fun. Stella isn’t the type to have an affair, so he would have to be single. But after Karl, I think she will focus more on looking after herself and trying to get over the affair.”