Michelle Collins: Stella will stand by Karl

Coronation Street actress Michelle Collins has said that her character Stella Price will stand by Karl Munro, after being issued with an ultimatum from Leanne.

Stella finds herself faced with the decision when she has to choose between a loan from Leanne (Jane Danson) or staying with Karl (John Michie).

In the end she opts to stand by her man, but as Michelle pointed out, the fact she is unaware he started the Rovers Return fire may have something to do with it.

“She doesn’t have the benefit of knowing what the viewers know,” she told the soap’s official website.

“All she sees is someone who loves her and makes her feel safe, who saved her life and seems to have changed for the better. Stella clearly thinks he can.

The actress added: “Karl has always been her weakness and he has got her at a time when she is very vulnerable.

“It is one of those great soap stories where the viewer knows exactly what is going on but the people involved have no idea. I am sure I’ll have lots of people coming up to me and telling me what a bad lot he is!”

Stella’s choice will lead to some dramatic developments in Corrieafter she offers builder Owen Armstrong (Ian Puleston-Davies), whom she owes the cash to, half of the pub in exchange for his work.

And Michelle admitted that her character’s stubbornness could ultimately be her undoing.

“She isn’t willing to listen to advice. It is one of those situations where someone has made their mind up and even Leanne can’t get through to her,” she said.

“Whilst people may not like Karl no one actually knows he started the fire – that big secret is sitting there just waiting to be revealed!”




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