Michelle Collins: ‘Stella won’t stay at the Rovers!’

Michelle Collins has revealed Stella Price will find it too painful to stay in the Rovers Return after she learns the truth about Karl Munro in Coronation Street.

Stella – who is set to tie the knot with gambling, alcoholic philanderer Karl – is left devastated when she finds out that Karl set fire to the pub and killed his former lover Sunita Alahan.

Michelle revealed: “She’s completely broken. Stella is quite a fragile thing – she may act the feisty landlady, but behind that she’s delicate and vulnerable and this just completely knocks her for six.

“It’s not just the fact that he was behind the fire that shakes her, but the extent to which he tried to pull the wool over her eyes once again and cover his tracks. Stella sees that behaviour as being calculated. Once again she has failed to detect his lies.

“She’s absolutely devastated. She feels completely undone. This is beyond humiliation for her now. She never for one second imagined that Karl would be capable of causing this much devastation and the realisation is completely earth-shattering for her.”

She added: “At this stage, she can’t see a way out. She’s at her lowest ebb really, being eaten away by a whole host of emotions.

“Karl is in the walls of the Rovers and as long as she’s there she can’t see a way of escaping him.”

Michelle, 51, recently announced she will leave Corrie next year.

It has also been rumoured that the McDonald family are headed back behind the bar of the Rovers, with Beverley Callard soon to return to the soap as Liz McDonald.