Michelle Collins has been criticised on Twitter for suggesting an EastEnders star had undergone a ‘ridiculous lip job’.

The Coronation Street actress made the comment after tuning in to watch her old BBC One soap.

In tweets, which later appeared to have been deleted, she said: “Why do actresses have ridiculous lip jobs done???

“Watched Easties tonight!! Was shocked! Big lips just seem to take over the screen! Too distracting.”

After receiving abuse from some EastEnders fans, accusing her of ‘bullying’, she replied: “No b****ing please! An observation that’s all! Strange now who’s doing the bullying!!??? No more tweeting for me!”

She added: “There are young girls of 18 and even younger having cosmetic surgery – do you think that’s right?”

Michelle’s 17-year-old daughter Maia took to her mother’s Twitter account to defend the Corrie star, who plays landlady Stella Price in the soap but first became famous as Cindy Beale in EastEnders.

Maia wrote: “Hi yea it’s Maia here Michelle’s daughter, I would just personally like to ask anyone who is think of writing malicious, hurtful or any other synonyms of ‘nasty’ comments in the form of tweets to my mum they can direct them to me my account name is @MaiaCollins feel free…

“To send anything thing you want, the ruder the more entertaining, because Michelle is a single mother who works from 7am to 7pm everyday.

“And the tweets are actually making her quite upset and she really doesn’t need them at moment. Thank you.”