Who murdered Tina McIntyre? And what’s next for Corrie star Michelle Keegan, now she’s quit the soap? We sat down with Michelle for a chat about her character’s exit and her hopes for life after Coronation Street


Was it a hard decision to leave Coronation Street after six years?

“Yeah. I thought about it two years ago. But I knew I wasn’t ready. I discussed it with Kate Kelly (Becky) and she said to me, ‘When the time is right you’ll know’. At first I was a bit nervous, wondering if I’d made the right decision. But I don’t want to look back in 10 years and think, ‘What if…’”


How do you feel about Tina being killed off?

“Originally they were going to leave the door open for Tina to return. I think every actor wants that – the safety net of maybe returning one day. But a few months later I got called into another meeting and the producers said, ‘We’re thinking of killing Tina’. My heart just stopped! But it is a good storyline and affects a number of characters on the Street for the next year. So I do understand their decision.”


A lot of viewers have argued Tina would never have an affair with Peter!

“I’ll be honest, when I first heard about the storyline I didn’t really understand why Tina would do that. She’s got good morals and she wouldn’t do that to another woman, let alone a friend like Carla. But I understood it more while filming the storyline. And Peter is very charming and knows how to get women!”

Have you enjoyed your on-screen kisses with Chris Gascoyne (Peter)?

“Do y’know, I remember in an interview, two years ago I mentioned I think Chris Gascoyne who plays Peter is quite sexy. So maybe the Corrie writers saw that interview! Chris is so good. He’s really professional. He makes me feel really calm. I think at the beginning I was nervous. I’d never done scenes like that before. But Chris and I just have a laugh now. You get to know someone over a long period of time. So he’s a friend now. I’m not properly naked in those scenes anyhow, so it’s fine!”


What are you most proud of from your time in Corrie?

“I was able to live out my dream to be an actor. I didn’t even know what a camera looked like before I started Corrie! I kept thinking, ‘I shouldn’t be here!’ But when I won Best Newcomer at the British Soap Awards in 2008, I felt like the public had accepted me.”


What would you love to do next?

“I would love to do a good period drama, as I loved The Tudors. Mr Selfridge? That would be a great job to get and I’d love to work with Kate Kelly again. Maybe some comedy too, as I’ve really enjoyed the few bits of comedy I’ve done in Corrie, mostly with Simon Gregson (Steve) behind the bar at the Rovers.”


Finally, do you know who killed Tina?

“I do, but I haven’t told anyone. At least I think I do. They might change the ending at the last minute!” 

Viewers will have to wait until Tuesday night to find out who the murderer is. But you can now watch all four alternate endings, with Tina confronted by murder suspects Peter, Carla, Tracy and Rob exclusively at itv.com. But who is the killer?