Michelle Keegan: ‘I don’t deserve sexy tag’

Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan has said that she does not deserve her three British Soap Awards for sexiest star – as she doesn’t think she is sexy at all.

Speaking to The Sun the star – who plays Tina McIntyre in the soap – admitted, “It’s so flattering but I’m the least sexy person.

“When I first won it my friends were all laughing,” she added. “Even I was like, ‘why have I won this’?”

“I don’t see myself like this sexy person, I really am like Tina. That’s what people call me when I’m out and about. I’m just not sexy.”

Michelle – who is engaged to The Wanted’s Max George – also revealed that she would consider posing for a magazine such as Playboy – but it would depend on the photos.

“I wouldn’t say no if it’s tastefully done,” she said. “But I will never get my boobs out unless it’s for a professional acting job. I see them as my private bits and I don’t want the whole world judging them.

“But I’d love to do a period drama one day,” she added. “I’ve seen nudity in a period drama and thought it looked tasteful. It wasn’t like in a picture where you look like you’re just showing them off.”