Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan has revealed she is keen for her character Tina McIntyre to reconcile with Tommy Duckworth.

Tina and the young mechanic, played by Chris Fountain, were friends for over a year before romance blossomed, only for Tommy’s dad Terry Duckworth to ruin the relationship.

However Michelle revealed that their support towards Tyrone Dobbs as he stands accused of domestic violence will bring them closer again.

“They do come together as a unit and they do become friends again,” Michelle said.

“They don’t get back together, but maybe in the future. I hope they will, so we’ll have to see.”

The actress added that she thought the couple were “really sweet,” saying: “Because they were friends for a year before they got together, they had one week of happiness and then Terry Duckworth comes in and ruins everything.

“So they’ve only had one week of happiness in their whole relationship, and I’d just love to see them be happy again. Because when they were together they were so happy at the beginning.”

However, she admitted that it was rare for a soap romance to end happily. “I always say I want Tommy and Tina together and to live happy ever after,” Michelle revealed, “but that’s never going to happen, because it’s a soap!”