Coronation Street‘s Michelle Keegan is the most untidy cast member on the soap, according to her co-star Sacha Parkinson.

Sacha, who plays Sian Powers, joked that Michelle – aka barmaid Tina McIntyre – would not win so many sexiest female awards if people knew how messy she really was.

“Me and Brooke weren’t allowed to share a dressing room any more, because we got told it was dead messy,” the 19-year-old said on the show’s official website.

“Now she’s moved into Michelle Keegan’s dressing room and Michelle is the messiest person I’ve ever met.

“When you walk into her room, you’ve got to fight your way through clothes, plants, bedding and everything. She’s terrible! I don’t know how she got that sexiest female award,” she added.

Sacha also shared gossip about co-star Ryan Thomas, who plays Jason Grimshaw – revealing that he was grumpy in the mornings, and has a habit of bursting into song.

Ryan wants to know the latest songs but he just doesn’t know the words. So he’ll put on this song in his car and sing all the wrong words, but giving it his all. It’s the funniest thing ever,” she continued.

“Ryan’s terrible. He’s got a permanent frown anyway, I daren’t go near him.”