Michelle Keegan on Tina’s eye for handsome guys

Coronation Street‘s Michelle Keegan reveals to Soaplife that Tommy’s not the only man to tickle Tina’s fancy…

Poor Tina’s heart was doubly broken when Graeme and Xin betrayed her. But she’s moved on and moved in with Tommy and Tyrone. And her love life is about to look up with a hunky new fella – or fellas – on the way. “She and Graeme haven’t been together for a while now and she has to move on,” Michelle explains. Tommy’s more than happy to help Tina do just that… but he has competition!

So how’s it working out with Tommy and Tyrone?

“It seems to be working out for the best. Tina’s got a bit of company and they get on well as mates, so instead of living on her own in the flat she’s surrounded by friends.”

Is Tina over her split with Graeme?

“I think so. How they left it was a mutual agreement: she wanted him to be happy and he wanted her to be happy – it’s just a shame they couldn’t be happy with each other.”

How does Tina feel about Tommy?

“She feels there could be something there, but she knows what Tommy’s like. He’s a bit of a player, a ladies’ man and she doesn’t want to get into that again. She doesn’t trust guys, anyway and she’ll find it difficult to trust Tommy if anything more happened.”

What were Tina’s feelings when Amber burst in just as she and Tommy were about to kiss?

“She’d let her guard down with Tommy. She cooked for him… but he went on a date with Amber first. It wasn’t malicious, but it happened and that interrupted their kiss. For Tina it’s a moment where she thought, ‘Thank God for that! Saved by the bell!'”

Is Tina jealous of Amber seeing Tommy?

“She feels humiliated more than anything. She wouldn’t have gone ahead with the dinner if she knew he was seeing another girl, especially someone she knows.”

Is there anyone else Tina’s got her eye on? Like Dr Matt…?

“Well, Dr Matt is quite mature and wouldn’t be using her for any reason. I think he’s a good guy you can trust and count on and he seems very stable. I can see a bit of chemistry between them. She definitely fancies him. Everyone on the Street fancies him – it’s hard not to!”

Who would you like to see Tina with?

“Maybe Tommy because Tina’s been in a stable relationship so it’s good for her to have some fun and they get on well as mates. But I don’t want Tina to get messed around, which I think Tommy would do and Dr Matt wouldn’t. Then again that might be too settled for her and maybe she shouldn’t be in a relationship like that just yet…”