Michelle on Graeme and Xin: ‘Tina wants revenge!’

Coronation Street‘s Michelle Keegan talks to Soaplife about Tina’s anger and heartbreak when Graeme dumps her for Xin.

Coronation Street’s marriage of convenience between Graeme and Xin has turned out to be anything but convenient for Tina! After doing her friend Xin a favour and setting up the marriage with Graeme so Xin could stay in the UK, Tina loses her friend and her fella! “Tina’s put her life on hold and lived a lie for her friend,” Michelle says to Soaplife. “She had no idea there was something going on with Graeme and Xin. She thought she had settled down with a lovely, trustworthy lad!” Wrong!

So how does Tina feel when Graeme dumps her?

“Absolutely gutted. She feels like she’s lost everything.”

Who does she blame?

“She blames them both. She blames Xin for coming in and taking her life, for swanning in and getting carried away with their big game of pretend. But it’s Graeme that’s hurt her the most. She trusted him more than anyone. He was just Graeme, wore his heart on his sleeve, fell in love easily, but she would never have imagined he would cheat.”

Will Tina want revenge, or will she feel there’s no point?

“Revenge! It’s Tina after all! And in true Tina style she’s not just going to sit back. Tina’s far too feisty for that, and no matter how she feels on the inside she’s definitely not going to let it show.”

Tommy fancies Tina – could his luck be in now?

“Possibly! She definitely thinks he’s someone who could be a great mate. But I don’t know if he’s boyfriend material.”

Will what’s happened with Graeme make Tina more hard-hearted?

“I think it may make her paranoid of relationships. She’s had so much hurt in the past, and now the one person who she trusted more than anything, the last person she expected, has run off with her best mate. She’s crushed and she’s definitely not going to be able to trust anyone for a long time!”

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