Michelle says Tina’s falling for Jason!

Coronation Street

actress Michelle Keegan says it’s not just a fling for Tina and Jason – it’s going to be the real deal!

Has Tina slept with Jason yet?

“It was on the cards when they were on the sofa at the Grimshaws’ but Eileen interrupted them so they haven’t yet. But they will.”

How does she feel about him?

“She really fancies him. He’s a breath of fresh air after David who was so immature. Jason’s a bit older than David and more grown up.”

Does it bother her that he’s still married to Sarah?

“She doesn’t mind. She’s not a jealous person.”

Tina gets sent a red rose and thinks it’s from Jason. How does she feel?

“She’s really chuffed and flattered and surprised because she didn’t have him down as a romantic. But when she thanks Jason he looks puzzled. It turns out it wasn’t from him.”

Who did send it then?

“David. She can’t believe that he hasn’t got the message because she’s told him enough times.”

Does Tina feel sorry for David?

“Not at all. He had his chance. Several chances. She doesn’t want anything more to do with him. She wants him out of her life.”

Is she at all worried that David might do something out of jealousy?

“She’s not, but Jason’s really wary and trying to hide their relationship from David. He knows exactly what David is capable of, but Tina doesn’t. She only thinks she does.”

Does David do anything to warrant Jason’s fears?

“David boasts to Jason how he put Gary behind bars to ensure he couldn’t get his hands on Tina. Jason tells Tina who’s furious.”

She confronts David… What does she say to him?

“She makes it clear that she’s with Jason now and wants nothing to do with him ever again. David’s gutted. I don’t think Tina realises how obsessed he is with her.”

Jason and Tina decide to buy a house together. Aren’t they moving a bit fast?

“Right now buying the house is about money. Tina suggests it. The idea is that they’ll buy a property and do it up to sell.”

But could things get serious between Tina and Jason?

“Yes, I think it could turn into love.”

Will there be lots of steamy scenes?

“Well, there’s a fair bit of snogging. That was really hard at first. I was used to kissing Jack P Shepherd who plays David, and I was nervous about doing kissing scenes with Ryan Thomas who plays Jason. But when you’ve done it once it gets easier.”

Are you still enjoying your British Soap Award as Sexiest Female?

“It was such a shock, I didn’t believe I’d win it. It makes me laugh because if you see me in the daytime I’m usually wearing my trackie bottoms!”

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