Michelle suspects Steve cheated on her… Now she’s going to find out who with, warns Coronation Street star Kym Ryder.

OK – Steve has history of infidelity, but exactly how does Michelle work out he’s done the dirty with Becky?

“She knows something fishy is going on. Ever since the night he didn’t come home he’s been acting guilty as sin about something and her suspicions are aroused.”

So what’s he do? Runs off in the hope it’ll all be forgotten when he returns…

“Wrong. Steve says he just needs time to unwind after his brush with the police over Dan and that he’s going to stay with his brother Andy in Spain. But Michelle doesn’t buy it. It makes her even more sure that he’s been up to something.”

Does Michelle suspect that another woman might be involved?

“Not at first because Steve’s never given her any reason to think he’d be unfaithful. But Carla does. She tells Michelle outright that she thinks Steve has cheated on her. So Michelle decides to confront Lloyd and ask him outright and in desperation he admits he’s keeping a secret for Steve but can’t say what it is.”

All of which makes Michelle even more sure Steve has cheated on her.

“Lloyd’s reaction convinces her that she’s hit the nail on the head. He tries to deny it, but Michelle is now determined to find out who the woman is.”

Who will she suspect?

“Not Becky. She wouldn’t even show up on the radar. She might think Leanne could be the one because she and Steve have a bit of a history. But one thing’s for sure – Michelle is determined to find out. Once she’s got the bit in her teeth, there’s no stopping her.”

And if she does find out Steve bedded Becky?

“She would dump him on the spot. But this storyline isn’t going to be quiet that straightforward…”

Especially not after Lloyd drop him right in it bey telling her he’s away planning their wedding. Oops!