Michelle Collins reveals to Soaplife the imperfect plan Stella comes up with to keep The Rovers in Coronation Street

Why is Stella in danger of losing The Rovers?

“Basically the insurance is refusing to pay out. They say that the keys could not have been stored in a safe place because Sunita used them to get into the pub and start the fire. But Stella owes Owen thousands of pounds because she’s let him start work on the restoration.”

Leanne has said she will help financially, but not if Karl is involved…

“Basically, she’s telling Stella to dump Karl in return for the money, but Stella will not be blackmailed. She tells Leanne to stick her money; she loves Karl and is totally blind to his faults now.”

But now Stella can’t pay Owen…

“And Owen immediately tells the lads to down tools and starts to remove fixtures and fittings from the pub.”

Desperate times call for desperate measures – and desperate Stella offers Owen half the pub!

“She is left with no choice! She can’t pay him and if he doesn’t finish the pub refurbishment she is ruined. The only way forward is to go into partnership with him. At least she will still have a roof over her head and a chance of making a go of the business!”

And she wants to make a go of her relationship with Karl, too, to the extent of getting married!

“Since the fire she has blocked out the bad things Karl did in the past. And, of course, she doesn’t have the benefit of knowing what the viewers know. All Stella sees is someone who loves her and makes her feel safe, who saved her life and seems to have changed for the better. Having come so close to losing her life has made her look at things differently and forgiving Karl is part of her moving on.”

So, is Owen prepared to go along with Stella’s plan for The Rovers?

“He just wants his money, really, but he also faces ruin, so he is left with no choice, either. But then Owen finds them all celebrating Karl and Stella’s engagement at the Bistro and he’s furious because she has told him she is broke. The whole deal is thrown into doubt.”