‘Michelle worries all Steve’s progress will have been in vain’ says Corrie’s Kym Marsh

Coronation Street star Kym Marsh tells Soaplife how Michelle worried that Steve’s unpaid tax bill for thousands of pounds will set back his recovery…

How does Michelle find these letters from the taxman?
“Michelle’s having a clear-out at the pub when she finds some unopened letters addressed to Steve [Simon Gregson] from the tax office, saying Steve owes £10,700 in unpaid tax. It seems he’s been ignoring the letters for months.”

Is Michelle angry?
“No. She knows that Steve was ignoring his mail and pretty much everything else because he was ill – and still is. You don’t instantly recover from depression. In fact, Michelle’s worried that all the progress Steve’s made over the past few months will have been in vain.”

So why does she tell him about it?
“She has to. But before she says anything to Steve, she tells Liz [Beverley Callard], who checks with the tax office that the bill is correct. Then Michelle breaks the news to Steve. Mortified, he admits he hid the letters away at the height of his problems and forgot about them. Michelle’s worried when Steve then promises to fix things.”

“Because she doesn’t know what Steve might do! He’s still very vulnerable, quite unpredictable and not like his old self. This just might tip him over the edge.”

Coronation Street, ITV.