Michelle’s back to stir it up!

And Kym Marsh warns that when Carla returns to Coronation Street too, it’s going to be explosive for Liam-killer Tony!

Michelle’s back. Is her tour with the band over?

“The drummer has broken his wrist so they’ve been forced to take a break. She’s around for a few weeks then due to rejoin the tour. But that’s plenty of time to stir things up.”

Who’s she going to be stirring it up with – Peter or Luke?

“Peter intrigues her but he has a lot of baggage whereas Luke is much easier going. She’s been having a great time and has decided that she’s not looking for commitment, she wants some fun… and Luke fits the bill.”

Yet it was looking like it was Peter who’d won before Michelle went off…

“She makes it clear to Peter they won’t be picking up where they left off then flirts with Luke and lets him know she’s still interested.”

Luke is having a fling with Rosie – does that put Michelle off?

“As far as Michelle is concerned Rosie is just a kid and she knows Luke isn’t really interested in her. But Rosie is very attractive so Michelle does see it as a bit of a challenge to prove she can beat her at her own game.”

Is Michelle’s reluctance to get serious because of everything that happened with Steve?

“Before she went away she was looking for a relationship but distance from Steve and Weatherfield has made her shift priorities. She’s decided she wants to live a little. If you think about it she has had a pretty tough couple of years losing both her brothers and going through the turmoil with Ryan and Alex. Now she needs to enjoy herself.”

Is she looking forward to seeing her new nephew, baby Liam?

“She is very excited about seeing the baby when Maria returns from Ireland. He means a lot to her as he’s a link to her brother.”

Does she hear any gossip about Maria and Tony?

“She hears that Tony’s been staying at the house and helping with the baby. She’s not too happy about it and tells him he shouldn’t be stepping into Liam’s shoes.”

Might Michelle be the first to find out that Tony had Liam killed when Carla comes back?

“Carla’s coming back towards the end of the year but none of us know what the storyline is. We’ve been told that it will be explosive though and I can’t wait!”