Michelle is right off men when she finds out that Sonny’s been cheating. So there’s no way she’s falling into Steve’s arms – yet – warns Coronation Street star Kym Ryder!

Ignorance is bliss for Michelle – but she’d better make the most of it! Right now she’s all loved-up with the gorgeous Sonny and has no idea that her Mr Wonderful is busily having a secret affair with Sean!
Michelle thinks all her dreams have come true when, out of the blue, Sonny asks her to marry him. But when they make their announcement in the Rovers it doesn’t get the reaction she hopes for, does it?

“Steve blurts out in front of a packed pub that Michelle can’t marry Sonny because he’s gay! She looks at Steve with pity. She doesn’t believe him. She just thinks Steve is still trying to discredit Sonny.”

But the rumours about Sonny and Sean refuse to die down and Michelle confronts Sean, demanding to know what’s going on…
“Sean lies and Michelle accepts his story. But when Liam and Paul later put pressure on him, he cracks and admits the truth.”

Furious, Paul frogmarches Sean over to the pub and forces him into telling Michelle…
“She doesn’t believe him at first but then she sees he’s serious. She slaps him and runs out of the Rovers to deal with Sonny – and dumps him.”

So did she have no idea that Sonny likes his bread buttered on both sides?
“Absolutely none. There was no reason to. OK, Steve kept dropping all these hints but Michelle just thought it was sour grapes. Sonny vows that he loves her even though he’s bisexual. Michelle doesn’t want to know. It’s the betrayal and lies that hurt the most – not the fact that he’s bisexual. Both Sonny and her mate Sean have done the dirty on her. She’s also concerned for her son, Ryan. Michelle’s been cautious about introducing Ryan to boyfriends – understandable considering he lost his dad. Ryan liked and trusted Sonny so it’s like Sonny’s done the dirty on Ryan, too.”

No chance of Sonny talking Michelle round then?
“You said it! There’s no chance at all. Men are the last thing on her mind at the moment and she’ll naturally be cautious about getting together with someone else after the Sonny fiasco.”

What about Steve?
“What about him? If he thinks he’s now in with a chance, he’s going to be disappointed. Steve’s got a lot of work to do before Michelle will consider him as boyfriend material. He’s also going to have to be patient. Michelle’s going to have to be extremely sure of the next man she allows herself to get close to. But I’ll let you into a secret – I’m hoping Michelle and Steve do eventually happen!”

Watch Kym, below, in her Hear’Say days…