A stranger shatters Michelle’s life by claiming her son Ryan is really HIS son, says Coronation Street star Kym Ryder

The stranger terrifies Ryan when he calls him by his name. How does Michelle deal with it?

“When Ryan first tells her she doesn’t know whether to believe him. She’s been worried about his gaming and he’s been lying a bit and skipping school recently. But when the man knows his name alarm bells ring. Michelle’s freaked out!”

So does she know who he is and what he wants? Is he someone from her past?
“She has no idea who he could be. She can’t think what he wants with Ryan. It’s got nothing to do with her. She’s never been stalked or had a deranged boyfriend who might now be tailing Ryan.”

What does she do?
“Liam offers to take and collect Ryan. You’d think the man would back off, but he doesn’t and when Liam sees him he demands to know what he wants with his nephew.”

And that’s when her world falls apart…
“The “stalker” says his name is Nick and he wants to see Ryan because Ryan’s his son! Liam sees off Nick before Ryan comes out of school and he doesn’t let on what he’s just been told. He tells Michelle though and she’s totally baffled. Liam thinks Michelle must have been unfaithful to Dean, Ryan’s dad, but she swears she wasn’t. As far as she’s concerned there’s no way anyone, but Dean could be Ryan’s dad.”

So what does she put this man’s shocking revelation down to?
“She has no idea. She’s baffled. Maybe Nick’s got Ryan mixed up with someone else.
Or maybe it’s something to do with Dean’s family. They didn’t like her and she wonders if they might be doing this to hurt or scare her.”

In fact, we can reveal Nick claims that Ryan and his son were swapped at birth – which maybe means Michelle’s been bringing up a boy who isn’t really her son!
“It doesn’t enter her head that perhaps the hospital made a mistake and she came home with the wrong baby. It’s not surprising she doesn’t think of this. It’s such
a wild thing to happen!”

And will it turn out to be true? Is Nick right? And if he is will she lose the son she loves?
“It’s going to go on over Christmas and she’ll have a horrible time. She loves her boy and can’t begin to believe this is happening…”