Coronation Street star Mikey North has said he would love to see his screen alter ego Gary Windass become a bad boy again, following the recent traumas in his life.

The character has recently shown his soft side following girlfriend Izzy Armstrong’s miscarriage and issues surrounding the wheelchair-bound character’s ability to have children – but Mikey admitte he misses the darker side of the role.

“It’s been different obviously because when I first came in it was the exact opposite to this and he was the rogue bad boy,” Mikey said.

“I’ve always liked the bad boy Gary so hopefully one day that might reappear and we’ll see that side to him again, but for now it’s nice to play the more grown-up Gary.”

“I was just thinking back the other day about all the stuff right at the start when he was getting sent to prison every five minutes and he used to be really bad,” he added.

“I’m sure the writers will be able to think of something that will put me back in that mould again. There’s loads of routes they can go down.”

The actor even suggested that Gary’s post-traumatic stress disorder from fighting in the Army could even rear its head once again.

He said: “I’ve always said that to stay true to that storyline it should always keep cropping up, because that’s how it goes if you’ve got PTSD. So I’m sure at some point they’ll reintroduce that because that is how it would be in real life.”