Coronation Street‘s Vicky Binns says the more Kevin resists, the more Molly wants him!

How did Molly feel when she found out Kevin wanted to move house to escape her?
“It’s a real back-handed compliment in that it’s the only way he can resist her!”

Is Molly driving this affair more than him then?
“It’s more that Kevin’s considering what the fallout could be than she is…”

Do his worries put her off?
“Quite the opposite… In fact it makes her realise she likes him even more than she thought she did.”

Why is she so attracted to him?
“Kevin’s a bit of a game player and she finds that exciting. She knows where she is with Tyrone. He’s under her thumb and he’d never cheat on her. Kevin’s got a bit of an edge.”

Isn’t Molly worried about being found out?
“She’s not thinking of the consequences like Kevin is. She’s acting selfishly which is what people in these situations do. Also Tyrone is so easy to con…”

Kevin and Molly end up in bed together again after the charity fete race… Where’s Tyrone?
“He’s not at the race. He’s called out to a breakdown. But Molly and Kevin still have to act cool as Sophie comes to cheer them on.”

How do they give her the slip?
“They don’t need to. Afterwards, Sophie goes off to meet her mates and Molly and Kevin sneak off to a hotel room. They’re hugely exhilarated after their run and it’s what they both want.”

Are we going to get a ‘Who’s the daddy?’ storyline with Molly pregnant and not knowing if it’s Tyrone or Kevin’s baby?
“I have no idea what the writers have in store. But the affair will go on for a while. Michael Le Vell [Kevin] and I realised this when they built us our own set. It’s this cheap motel room where they go to have sex. It’s so surreal doing the bed scenes because I usually wear more than I do in the street!”

Would a relationship between Molly and Kevin work if they split up their marriages?
“I’m not sure it would outside of the web of lies. The thrill of having an affair is what makes it so exciting.”

Are you enjoying this storyline?
“It’s fantastic and viewers seem to be pretty hooked. It’s a good job I have a thick skin because whenever I’m spotted out there’s a lot of finger-wagging and people calling me a loose woman!”

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