Mum’s the word for Coronation Street’s Fiz

Playing mum has been difficult for Fiz – but she’s still gutted when Chesney decides to go back to Cilla, says Coronation Street’s Jennie McAlpine

Why has Fiz taken Chesney in?

“She’s trying to be a good sister. She didn’t think he was being well looked after by Les and Cilla and there is also a part of Fiz that likes to be seen to be doing the right thing.”

How is she finding it?

“Financially, it’s crippling. She didn’t realise how expensive it would be. Chesney wants to go on school trips, he needs to eat and there’s stuff like clothes and shoes to consider. At one point she gets so desperate she raids the Battersbys’ fridge.”

Does she regret her decision?

“No. Cilla really left Chesney in the lurch and her lies were so cruel. Fiz wants to protect him from any more hurt.”

Do you think this has much to do with her own childhood?

“Absolutely. We know Fiz had a rotten childhood. She spent a lot of time in care because Cilla couldn’t ‘cope’. She felt unloved and rejected and she doesn’t want to stand back and watch Chesney go through the same.”

How do you think she does as a surrogate mum?

“I think she copes really well. She makes a real effort, cooking him all these nutritious meals when all she really wants to do is eat chips.”

But Chesney misses his real mum doesn’t he?

“Yes he does, which is natural I suppose. Kids can be very forgiving of their parents – although I don’t necessarily think Chesney should be in this case as Cilla’s a bloody disgrace.”

How are things between Fiz and Cilla?

“They started to bond when Fiz found out Cilla had cancer. But then Fiz discovered her mum had lied about it coming back and she was furious. She still is!”

How does Fiz feel when Chesney starts spending more time at home?

“She’s hurt. It’s not easy for Chesney as he’s torn but he does really want to move back with his mum. Fiz realises she has to let her brother go and tells him he’s free to move back in with the Battersbys. But she’s still really upset when he does.”

Do you think Fiz is doing this because she feels broody?

“There is a touch of that and Kirk’s been worrying about it. Fiz loves Kirk to pieces and I think she’d like a couple of kids with him. I don’t know if she’d do it right now but I’d love it – it would be great to have another baby on set!”

Would she want to marry Kirk first?

“No. Fiz has had such an unconventional upbringing that I can’t imagine her doing something as normal as getting married before she settles down and has kids!”