Coronation Street star Natalie Gumede admits Kirsty Soames can’t get away with what she’s done.

The former policewoman has been domestically abusing partner Tyrone Dobbs for months, but on the night of her aborted wedding she falls downstairs and accuses him of being the violent one.

Natalie said: “These few episodes are a huge turning point. I think the story goes in a different direction, because as you can see Tyrone is in love with Fiz, so whether Kirsty and Tyrone can have a happy ending remains to be seen.

“That’s certainly not the end for Kirsty, but I think people will want to see a consequence for how she’s behaved towards him.”

The Coronation Street actress was working part-time in an estate agency to pay the bills when she got the job as Kirsty.

She said: “When I joined she was a cop that was going to go out with Tyrone, she was just that. She was going to cause a bit of trouble for Tina, she was a bit of a sparring partner for Tina, but they obviously saw something sinister in me and took it further!”

Natalie’s convincingly sinister turn has got her nominated for the best newcomer award at tonight’s NTA awards.

“It’s really lovely to be shortlisted for an NTA. I had no idea people would vote for my character to get to the shortlist, because she’s not a very nice person, so it’s amazing that people have seen past that to give me a chance to be seen in that way.”