A new family is set to take over from the Morton clan in Coronation Street.

The Windass family, headed by mum Donna (Debbie Rush) and dad Eddie (Steve Huison), will move into Number 6 Coronation Street once the Mortons move out.

Waterloo Road’s Mikey North will play their son Gary, and Conor Ryan from The Bill will play Eddie’s brother Len, according to reports in The Sun.

A source told the newspaper: “It’s a tricky business to write in a new family — they have to fit in with the rest of the cast and characters and that can be difficult. But we’ve got high hopes for the Windass family.”

They’re set to turn up in Weatherfield in December, and will participate in what’s been dubbed a ‘top secret’ storyline. It is thought the newcomers are set to clash with established clan the Platts.

Meanwhile, it’s also been revealed Andrew Dunn (Roger) is leaving the soap.

The insider said: “Roger leaves Coronation Street in November after a row with Janice. He finds out about her lottery scam and decides he’s off. Janice is heartbroken.”