Coronation Street‘s Marc Baylis tells Soaplife that it’s best for people not to get on the wrong side of Carla’s brother, Rob.

Carla’s in the middle of a huge row with Peter when a mystery man turns up, pins Peter against the wall and orders him to lay off her… Meet the Street’s hot newbie, Carla’s brother Rob Donovan. “I’m absolutely ecstatic to be here,” says Marc.

We want to know: is Rob a good guy or a bad guy?
“The way I’m playing him is neither black nor white. He’s a hard worker and family is very important to him, although he does have a very edgy side. He has no idea who Peter is, but when he sees him shouting at his sister, Carl,a he leaps to her defence. When pushed he can be quite dangerous.”

Rob’s fresh out of prison after five years. Why was he in there?
“He was the driver in a post-office robbery. He was trying to raise money to pay his mother’s debts to a drug dealer. Rob thinks Carla would have had the money to help the family out and should have been there for them. He feels she abandoned them. Now, though, he’s trying very hard to stay on the straight and narrow.”

So his relationship with Carla’s a tricky one?
“They’re both fiery, passionate and independent people, so when they clash you can expect to see fireworks. And they have lots to clash over, lots of unfinished business and unresolved issues.”

How does Rob get on with Michelle?
“They’ve known each other for years – they used to fancy each other when they were growing up. Michelle definitely gives him the warmer welcome out of the two women.”

Is there a wife or girlfriend Rob left behind when he went inside?
“Who knows? Anything or anyone could show up causing trouble for Rob. He gets on very well with women. He meets Eva in The Rovers and is immediately attracted to her. But he isn’t looking for a serious relationship, he just wants to have as much fun as possible.”