Nick is turning nasty again! Will he turn on Carla? Corrie’s Ben Price reveals all

As the effects of Nick’s brain injury reappear, Coronation Street’s Ben Price talks to Soaplife about the return of violent Nick…

When do we see Nick turn violent again?
“The first real sign is when Nick really loses it with the girls who are bullying his niece, Bethany [Lucy Fallon]. That takes him completely unawares and it worries him.”

What causes this outburst?
“Nick’s a bit lost now he no longer has the bistro – and this feeling is made worse when he hears his new restaurant purchase in Devon has fallen through. He feels like he’s losing control and Nick is a man who must have control of his life. He’s scared of his reactions.”

Does he feel resentful towards David for causing his injury?
“I don’t think he does. They talk about it, actually. He feels he’s a grown-up and, after all, he did sleep with Kylie [Paula Lane]. Nick asks David [Jack P Shepherd] not to say anything. He doesn’t want people feeling sorry for him and he doesn’t want Carla to know. He’s not sure what to do.”

Where does Nick go from here?
“Right now Nick’s panicking he’ll lose Carla and their wedding because he can’t control his reactions to things. That really scares him. His injuries are coming out gradually, where he’s getting a bit snappy and his patience goes. Like others who have had this kind of head injury, it could affect him for the rest of his life. I don’t know if that will mean it all collapses.”

Will he let rip when the inevitable happens and he finds out about Carla and Robert (Tristan Gemmill)?
“I’m sure he will. But I think he’ll get past it. He’ll think about it and get angry, then he’ll go, ‘Well, who am I? Not Mr Perfect’.”

Coronation Street, ITV


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