Nigel Havers has doubts that his Coronation Street character Lewis Archer has turned over a new leaf.

The 62-year-old actor, who returns to Weatherfield on February 17, insisted that the charming conman – who disappeared without trace in 2010 – is ‘a changed man’.

“There’s always that danger Lewis could fall back into his old ways, and he is down to his last penny,” he told Inside Soap.

“But at the moment, Lewis is trying his hardest and has no ulterior motive – just an awful lot of ice to break instead. He’s back to apologise and repay the debts he owes. Lewis feels desperately bad about what he did, and he’s going to be quite busy saying sorry over the next few weeks!”

Nigel is unsure if Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) will forgive Lewis: “He still has an eye for Audrey, but will she feel the same? I really think Lewis fell for her while they were together the first time – and that’s why he didn’t take her money in the end.”

He added: “Sue was part of the reason for me coming back to Coronation Street. We’ve been having a laugh about Lewis returning for some time now.”

Audrey aside, there are two women pleased about Nigel’s Weatherfield return.

“My mum absolutely loves the show, so she’s very pleased that I’m in it again. My wife, Georgiana, loves Corrie, and thinks it’s fantastic that I’m in it,” said Nigel.