Nigel Havers reveals Lewis’s ‘rocky’ Corrie return

Nigel Havers has confessed that even he doesn’t know how long he will be back on Coronation Street.

The 62-year-old actor returns to Weatherfield this week as charming conman Lewis Archer, who did a disappearing act in 2010.

But Nigel admitted to the official Coronation Street website he is now unsure if Audrey Roberts will forgive him when he bumps into her at a country pub.

Nigel revealed: “Lewis does a runner after first meeting Audrey, because he’s so scared of what’s going to happen. And then, he thinks to himself, ‘Hang on – I better pull myself together’. He turns up in Coronation Street and, quite courageously, says, ‘Bring it on. Come on, go for me’. Which they do!

“He says that it was implanted in his DNA to behave like that, he’s thought long and hard about his behaviour, he’s now a changed man, he’s come back to get his just desserts and he’s going to be a different human being from now on.

“Audrey may or may not believe Lewis’s new side. We have to wait and see. Even I don’t know!”

Nigel confessed he was scared about Lewis running into more old flames on the cobbles, after he upset Deirdre Roberts and Rita Sullivan during his last visit.

Discussing the troubles ahead, he continued: “He has Deirdre to see – I’m not looking forward to that. Lewis is heading for a very rocky comeback. Watch this space.”