Paul: I’ll see you in Hell, Leanne

Paul would do anything for Leanne – including arson. But when he finds out he was set up, Leanne should be VERY worried, warns Coronation Street‘s Tom Hudson.

When Leanne hinted they could burn down the restaurant for the insurance cash was Paul shocked?

“Shocked? No! He’s so smitten with her he was happy to go along with it. Leanne let him think they had a future together. ”

So that’s why he jumped in and offered to torch the place himself?

“Totally. Leanne said she hasn’t got the bottle herself and makes it sound like they’ll be life and business partners if he did this for her.”

He fancied that?

“Paul adores Leanne! He’s head-over-heels about her. She’s got Paul right where she wants him. He leans in for a kiss and she responds. She has to! She lets Paul think she’ll sleep with him once he’s done the deed.”

But he wants more than sex?

“This is certainly spurring Paul on, but he wants more than just sex with Leanne, he wants a proper relationship. He thinks they’re made for each other. He’s blinded by his feelings for her.”

Was he scared when he lit the candle and started the fire?

“He was nervous but had no second thoughts. He thinks he’s doing it for his and Leanne’s joint future. He has no idea what she’s really up to.”

And the blaze took hold fast…

“Sure did! Luigi was stunned when he turned up for work and spotted the fire crews and smoke coming from the restaurant. Leanne turned up and acted the role of ‘distraught businesswoman'”.

Does Paul get his reward?

“He tells Leanne he wants to spend the night with her. Leanne can’t risk refusing him although there’s no way she wants to sleep with him. She doesn’t fancy him plus she’s having an affair with Dan! ”

How will Paul feel if and when he susses that out?

“In addition to feeling hurt, betrayed and used he’d be utterly humiliated at the thought of Dan and Leanne laughing at him behind his back.”

Would Paul turn Leanne in?

“He’d want revenge! And don’t forget he’s Terry Duckworth’s son!”

You’ve leaving the Street, Tom. Is this your exit storyline?

“It is and I’m very happy with it. It’s exciting yet luckily I’m not being killed off. Paul could well be back to cause trouble in the Street.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I’m in discussions about one or two things. ITV are making some really great dramas at the moment – I’d love to appear in one of them!”

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