Paula Lane: ‘I feel like I belong in Corrie!’

Actress Paula Lane talks to TV Times magazine about playing Coronation Street’s Kylie and raising money for charity…

Everything has exploded for Kylie! After leaving Weatherfield with son Max, what happened?

“She’s taken shelter at her friend Donna’s house, but Donna can’t afford to have someone under her roof, not contributing. Kylie tries her best to get a job doing something other than selling her body, but it doesn’t happen for her.”

So this week sees Kylie return after Nick persuades her to come back…

“Yes. And you’ll see that vulnerable young girl behind those feisty eyes. The audience will be like, ‘Oh no, she’s pulling on our heartstrings again!’ because it comes in waves with her; that’s the kind of girl she is.”

We now hear that you’ve signed up to be in Corrie until at least summer next year!

“I just feel so comfortable in the Street; I feel like I belong…”

Do you have much in common with Kylie?

“I don’t like it if I feel I’m being treated unfairly, so I do have a little bit of a bite on me. But I’m actually very sensitive in real life, and people can vouch for that. I cry at all sorts; I’ll cry if there’s an old man on the street and he can’t find his money in his pocket!”

You recently ran the London Marathon and raised over £2,000 for Henshaw’s Society for Blind People. What was that like?

“I absolutely loved it; I felt on top of the world. I’d be lying if I said the last six miles weren’t tough, and it was a shame that I got poorly afterwards, but it hasn’t shaken me and I will do another one.”