Paula Lane: ‘It was a tough, tough call to leave Corrie, but I wanted it to be my decision’ (VIDEO)

One of soap’s most tense slow-burners comes to a dramatic conclusion when Callum Logan’s body is found in Gail’s annexe on Corrie next week.

Drug dealer Callum was killed by his ex-girlfriend, Kylie (Paula Lane), and the discovery of his body sets in motion Paula’s exit storyline. But she told What’s on TV just how difficult it had been to leave behind one of the most popular characters in British soap.

“It was a tough, tough call,” she said. “You know, part of me could have absolutely stayed here. I could have seen [Kylie and husband David] staying together for years and years and years. But you never know what’s going to throw up. It could have been someone’s decision further down the line to split us up and then I might not have had that partnership any more and it would be too late to ever think about going off to do something else.

“It was a decision that I felt I wanted to make myself.”

Co-star Jack P Shepherd, who plays David Platt, spoke about what he’d most miss after Paula’s exit: “Just the partnership between the two characters really, David and Kylie really. The audience just like them, we like them and we get on. It’s a shame to lose that. But she’s going off to bigger and better things, I’ll still be here…”

Paula is due to have her second baby in two months. Beyond that, she intends to return to acting.

“I’d love to do some theatre. Obviously having children at all probably wouldn’t be the most practical, but we’ll see. Obviously as actors we resign ourselves to the fact we have to go where the work is and children have to roll with it as well.”

Watch the interview with Paula Lane and Jack P Shepherd, above.


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